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MAXTRAX Hitch 50  Recovery Gear MAXTRAX- Adventure Imports
MAXTRAX Hitch 50
Sale price$274.99
MAXTRAX Recovery Kit Bag  Recovery Gear Storage MAXTRAX- Adventure Imports
MAXTRAX Recovery Kit Bag
Sale price$207.90


The simple and innovative way to get your vehicle out of a messy situation. MAXTRAX give your vehicle the traction it needs to lift itself up and out of mud, sand, or snow.

Considered by 4WD training experts as an essential piece of gear, MAXTRAX are one, if not the safest option on the market for vehicle recoveries requiring minimal technical training for safe and successful use. 

How To Use Your MAXTRAX

1.) Grab MAXTRAX from one of the six glove-friendly built-in handles and use either shovel on both ends to clear debris from underneath the chassis and tires, clearing a path for the vehicle to move forward.

2.) Attach your included MAXTRAX Tell Tale Leashes to allow easier retrieval in messy conditions.

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