6S-120 Sim Racing Chassis

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2023 Model updates:

Shifter Mount bracket is now included. 

The upright height has increased from 60cm to 70cm. 


The 6S-120 represents the best valued in a high-end sim racing rig. This is an uncompromising cockpit built with the serious racer in mind for professional-grade simulation racing.

Constructed from CNC-machined lightweight, sturdy, heavy-duty grade 40-series Aluminum with a slick Matte Black finish that looks great with a minimal footprint.

Our robustly designed and built frames are 100% flex-free. The 6S-120 has no force feedback loss, giving you an immersive sim racing experience and first class performance.

The 6S-120 includes a performance pedal integration kit that accommodates ALL high-end pedal installation.



  • Adjustable Pedal Tray
    Our pedal plate is designed to be multi-adjustable. Effortlessly simple to move in your favorite position and 100% flex-free even under heavy usage.

  • Wheel Mount
    Bottom-mounting style with angle adjustability. Full profile Aluminum constructed cross-bar provides powerful support for your wheel under rigorous use.

  • Shifter Mount 
    Standard shifter mount is included. 

  • CNC Aluminum Bottom Mount Deck
    The only option recommended for 6S-120. This bottom mount deck provides the highest adjustability and strength for this segment of cockpit. Simply unbeatable design at this range of choice. 

  • Heavy Duty Seat Mounting
    6S-120 Sim Racing Chassis provides heavy-duty seat mounting with additional rigidity.



Length 130cm
Width 65cm
Height 70cm
Weight 38kg

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