6S-80 Chassis and MOZA R9 V2 Bundle
Moza products sold out until April, 2023.  The bundle price includes: 1.  6S-80 Standard Chassis  2. MOZA R9 V2 wheel base  3. MOZA CS steering wheel  4. MOZA SRP pedal (2 sets)  5. RS Seat  
6S-Slim & MOZA R5 Bundle
Moza products sold out until April, 2023. Bundle price include: 6S-Slim Chassis  RS Seat  MOZA R5 Bundle
6S-80 & Simagic Alpha Mini Bundle
Deliver on March 1st. The bundle includes: 1. 6S-80 chassis standard with shifter mount kit.  2. Single Monitor Stand 3. PC Mount 4. Simagic Alpha Mini wheel base (10 Nm) 5. Simagic GTS steering wheel 6. Simagic P2000-100kg hydraulic pedal with...
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